Summer School on ``Experimental Economics: Empirical tools and methods to investigate economic behavior''

Lundi, Juin 26, 2017
Mardi, Juin 20, 2017

The objective of the Experimental Economics program is to offer young scholars a crash course in empirical methods aimed at understanding economic behavior: how to design, implement and analyze an experiment so to answer a research question. The summer school is methodological in nature, although typical results from behavioral economics will be introduced as examples and illustrations on how protocols are designed to overcome
observation/measurement/identification issues. Participants will be trained in the aim of being able to soundly rely on experiments in their future research projects. The program is divided in four parts: a series of general lectures on experimental methodology, a series of specialized classes on practical tools (specific topics of relevance in the conduct of
experiments), application tutorials based on self-experimentation, workshop sessions where participants present and refine their experimental projects, with feedback from the school’s speakers.

Main Instructors: Béatrice Boulu-Reshef, Nicolas Jacquemet, Olivier L’Haridon, Jean-François Laslier, Fabrice Le Lec